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Introduction to Statistics

Along with two of my coursemates, I have produced a guide that was aimed at the previous incarnation of the Warwick Statistics module ST104 - Statistical Laboratory. It is worth noting that this course has changed significantly since I wrote this guide, however it may still be useful to help revision or as a general introduction to statistics. This guide is available here.

Stochastic Processes Notation

The ST202 - Stochastic Processes module taught by Warwick Statistics Department can be a bit daunting at times due to the incredible volume of content. Along with the vast quantity of content comes a large bank of notation. Frequently, the notation became confusing and detracted from the content of the module. To help with this, I have produced a list of most of the notations used to help students understand what is going on. This can be found here.

It is highly likely that I have made some mistakes when compiling this list. If anybody finds any mistakes, please let me know by contacting me at my University email address or the "Contact Me" on this page.

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